Hands on Clil - Betting for CLIL in the new normality classroom
La Asociación Enseñanza Bilingüe Bilingüe y RICHMOND – SANTILLANA te invitan a participar en esta Sesión de Desarrollo Profesional

Learning a foreign language in Primary Education must bear in mind that the student must be the center of his/her own learning process. Teaching a second language must be focussed in a natural way and supports its own learning in the same way they learn the mother tongue. Our students, at the very beginning, don´t need to have a previous knowledge of the new language and this is why we, as teachers, have to use a variety of methodologies that make them face the learning of the curricular contents in other subjects in a positive way.
CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) supports learning other curricular contents in a foreign language because it is very effective and because of the teacher ability to motivate students.
This webinar intends to give ideas about how to work in a more global approach, with more active, engaging and student-centred methodology. 

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