World Makers is the new CLIL series from Santillana and Richmond that features a modern and up-to-date CLIL approach for Primary, with a wide variety of materials and an innovative and motivating design to encourage interest and content learning. 


World Makers is adapted to LOMLOE’s key guidelines:

  • Developing knowledge of content and language skills.

  • Using English in a way that is structured, progressive, and designed for learning.

  • With extra support material to help families and promote inclusion and diversity.

  • With practical and motivating methodological tools.

  • With sections and supplementary materials for linguistic training.

  • With motivating digital material.

  • With practical classroom and teacher materials.

  • Sustainable education for global citizenship, that contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.  

World Makers is also available for Arts & Crafts.

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