Welcome to Learning Lab, the new inquiry-based learning method from Santillana-Richmond Natural Science and Social Science have never been such fun! This active approach encourages the students to ask questions and solve problems. Learning Lab is their window on the real world 

Why choose it?

  • Special care in the level of English to learn content while using natural, child-friendly language.

  • Full coverage of the official syllabus for each level.

  • It is adaptable to all students, so no one is left behind.

  • Encourages learner autonomy, as well as cooperative learning.


01 Enquiry-based learning methodology.

02 Careful sequence of both content and language.

03 Contents are presented in a visual way with real-world images.

04 Key Words and Word Banks in each unit.


05 Raps, songs and videos in each unit make language and fluency skills easy to assimilate.

06 Opportunities to practice knowledge and social skills: tasks, presentations and games.

07 A wide range of evaluation and digital tools.




  • Teacher's Book

  • Teacher's Resource Book

  • Class audio

  • Flashcards

  • Rubrics

  • Let's Clil Guide

  • Curricular Documents

  • 3D Models



  • Techer's I-bookDigital versions of Student’s Book and Teacher’s Book in one place.

  • LibroMediaAn enriched page-on-screen version of your printed textbook. (Student's and Teacher's versions).  

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