Open new horizons for new methodologies in Primary. Students can learn using critical thinking, experimenting, problem-solving, team working and also improve their presentational skills.

  •  Cross-curricular approach for Natural Science, Social Science, Arts & Crafts and Values.

  • Step-by-step support: each logbook includes several tasks, proposals to construct artefacts and a final event.

  •  Each CLIL project logbook takes around 4-6 weeks.

  • Can be used to work individually, in pairs or cooperative learning.


Children become curious and involved in the learning process. 

 01 The Student's logbook includes all the manipulative material for the tasks and project.

02 A variety of thinking tools and hands-on activities connected to real-world situations.

03 The English you need language support is offered throughout each project. 

04 A specific website for safe information searches: documents, videos, interactive sheets and maps, image galleries, etc.

For students 
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